Cape Breton – Day 1 – We Have Arrived

How did this adventure begin? Shannon, my cousin, inquired if I had any plans for the second week of October. I didn’t, and so it began. Look out Maritimers, these two foodies are headed your way.

The flight to Moncton, New Brunswick was uneventful, with no issues picking up the rental car. Considering that we were travelling during Covid times, other than slower lines and our masks, we didn’t encounter any issues. It is still a bit surreal being close to people after all the days and months of our isolation.

Our thought process was to start and finish in Moncton as we are going to head to Prince Edward Island (PEI) after our tour of the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. The drive from Moncton to Nova Scotia was enjoyable as we sang along to our playlist and laughed, pointing out places of interest. Shannon skillfully navigated us to our our destination for the night, Inverness. We will be on the trail tomorrow and will complete it clockwise, starting on the west side. Map of Cabot Trail

Travel days can be bit tiring, so after checking in, we stayed on site and had dinner in the pub at the Glenora Inn & Distillery. What a quaint spot. Our room was lovely and backed on to a green space with the river running behind it. The fall colours were showing in the hills as the sun hit them as it was setting. We have a whiskey tour planned for tomorrow, and got an early start sampling it tonight. Dinner was lovely and we finished it off with Auntie Paige’s Cape Breton Wild Blueberry Shortcake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. OMG! There was entertainment in the pub, a fun little Celtic duo @kevinlevesconte @piusmacisaac who played a march as we left for our room giggling. Maybe it was the whiskey, or just the fun of sharing this experience with a kindred spirit.

#glenorainnanddistillery #cousinroadtrip #cabottrail #celticmusic

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